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Eridan-2002 is the Language Center which has operated in the translation services market since 1996. The Translation Agency of the Center provides a wide range of services: written translations on varied topics, editing, consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. Eridan-2002 has experience of cooperation with a number of Ukrainian and foreign industrial and commercial enterprises.







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More than 22 years of vigorous activity in the market allow us accumulate significant translations experience in almost all possible areas and in more than 28 languages: audit, banking industry, commerce, insurance, finance, law, oil/gas, nuclear power industry, machine building, engineering, medicine, chemistry, pharmacology, ecology, social sciences, telecommunication, food industry, household appliances, etc.

Eridan-2002 provides translations of agreements, contracts, business correspondence, technical documents, business plans, investment projects, customs and declaration documents, Web-pages, CGFNS forms, application forms, etc. The agency also fulfils translations of scientific, technical, and publicistic literature.

Main languages of translation:

The Translation Agency works in accordance with the regulatory norms and standards which ensures high quality of the final product.

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Additional Services


Precise retelling of the material, which is necessary while working with large texts (books, numerous web-pages, etc).


Any material (article, essay, text, translated by another translator) can be edited in the language appropriate for the customer. For some languages translations are made by native speakers.

Texts adaptation

Literary refinement, which depends on possibilities of the target audience and specific goals of the publication.

Urgent translation

If needed the order can be fulfilled during the working day or 24-hour period.


The agency’s principal approach is ensuring top quality services. Eridan-2002 keeps to international and Ukrainian standards in the field of translations:

  • GOST 7.36-88 “Unpublished Translation. Coordination, General Requirements and Rules of Execution”, Moscow.
  • ISO 2384-77 “Documentation. Execution of Translation”.
  • ISO 9:1995(E) “Transliteration of Cyrillic Characters into Latin Characters – Slavic and Non-Slavic Languages”.
  • Decision of Ukrainian Committee on the Issues of Legislative Terminology ¹ 9 (Minutes #2 dated April 19, 1996).
  • STTU ATU-001-2000 “Qualification and Certification of Translators”.
  • STTU ATU-002-2000 “Services of Written Translation and Interpretation. General Rules and Requirements to Provision of Services”.


Each translation undergoes several stages of check-up by the internal system of quality:

  • check-up of the material by author of the translation;
  • scientific-technical editing;
  • language editing (if necessary);
  • correction.
Such system helps avoiding mistakes and inaccuracies.


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