Tariffs and prices for all kinds of services offered are adequate and do not exceed the norms generally accepted in the practice of translations. Tariffs are listed on the basis of one conventional page (1860 printed symbols including spaces).

Tariffs of the cost of translation services

Language Price
 English starting from 180,00
German starting from 190,00
Spanish, Italian, French starting from 200,00
Romanian (Moldovan), Serbian, Czech, Slovak, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Polish starting from 220,00
 Ukrainian/Russian starting from 70,00
Macedonian, Greek, Azerbaijani, Armenian, Turkish, Arabic, Latvian, Lithuanian  starting from 350,00
Dutch, Portuguese, Finnish, Hungarian starting from 370,00
Georgian, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Turkmen, Korean, Swedish starting from 450,00
Other languages                              Shall be discussed individually
Editing 50% of the cost of order
Text layout during translation (scanning and placement in accordance with the original, adding complex graphs, tables, etc.). 20% of the cost of order
The coefficient of difficulty of the translated text is applied to the basic price. starting from 30%
Extra charge for urgent translation: (more than 7 pages)  

“Today for tomorrow”

“Today for today”




Depending on the volume of the order, discounts can be offered (100 pages) 5% of the cost of order, starting from 200,00
Oral translations (English, German, Italian, Spanish, French)  Price per 1 hour
Consecutive starting from 2000,00
Simultaneous * (1 hour per 1 interpreter) starting from 2500,00

* Equipment for simultaneous translation shall be paid additionally

Prices are in UAH

  • The cost for notarial certification of translations, documents is from 200.00 UAH.
  • The cost of consecutive interpretation for one hour of work is from 1500.00 UAH excluding VAT. The minimum order time for consecutive interpretation is 4 (four) hours. In the case, the interpreter shall work outside Kyiv, the cost of the work is determined between the Customer and the Contractor in each individual case.
  • Consecutive interpretation of languages not listed in the above table is discussed individually. To the base price, the complexity factor of the text to be translated is applied
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